14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #65”

  1. Perfect sky. And the ‘points’ on the water and white bits on fins and inland… give the surreal quality of an almost painting. That and yet another incredible wildlife shot. How, exactly, do you persuade the critters to perform for you this way and do you take requests? If so, I’d like to see a dancing moose. (:


    1. Ha ha, Carin! I’ll keep that one in mind but I’m better with sea and shore creatures – this being simply because I hang around the sea and shore a lot but the woods not as much. But you never know…


  2. Lovely shot, Elizabeth. Very understated and monochromatic, but that draws attention to the intended point of interest: those two fleeting tails. Two! I’ve tried to take photos while whale watching and I know how tricky that is. When I enlarge it, I notice the waves have a painted look that makes them stand out more dramatically — something you did post-production? Where was this taken?


    1. Allyson, all I did post-production was try and enhance it as much as possible because it was taken with a cell phone! I had taken my new camera out in the boat, very excited about using the zoom and then it said it was full, even though it had a new camera card. It turned out that – well, actually I still don’t quite understand but it was because it uploaded everything automatically via wifi to the web but that also somehow was still using up camera space. Whales were dancing and diving all over the place – SO frustrating! So I had to resort to my iphone again, not the best for this kind of photography as you can imagine. Also it was very sunny and I couldn’t see so I just aimed blindly (true point and shoot!). This was the only photo I got that was at all usable. It is kind of “the one that got away” though, because it would have been so much better with the zoom – alas! I have now turned the wifi off on the fancy new camera and it works great.


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